Get out early before it warms up….

So I did–I left the house early to get a walk in before work today.  It was 81 and their had just been a thunder storm passing through.  It was horrible!  I now know what an oversteamed vegetable feels like and have about as much snap left in me.  Why am I writing this, because I’m sick of the listicle ways to get in shape.  It’s all a lie–exercise sucks.  It is hard and sweaty and no amount of getting up early is going to make it better.

Look, exercise is important.  It feels good when it is done some of the times I do it.  However, the reality is much more like today–I got up, went for the walk and feel worse for it.  I’m exhausted and my day hasn’t started.  Stop, just stop listening to these damn exercise and diet articles.   The truth is this–it is really hard work to take off excess weight and even harder to take off a few extra pounds.  You will sweat and smell bad and eat boring food in small portions.  You will do all of this and fail often.  These are the truths anyone who has ever successfully take off weight will tell you.


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