It’s Pumpkin Time Folks–and not for coffee….

Once September ends, a chill enters the air and I start to dream.  My brain works better in the cold.  I’m not alone in that belief, Scientific American wrote this article on the topic!  I’m more creative in October than any other month, and that creativity is often started with my first pumpkin sighting….

Nothing says fall to me more than a pumpkin–be it a tiny one on my desk, a big one on the porch, or an entire pumpkin patch, my heart jump a beat with excitement with each pumpkin sighting. pumpkin_largeThe orange color is not a color I can wear well, but I love it as an accent color.  I knit plenty of rusty colored scarves and hats.

Unlike many folks, I don’t eat pumpkins or pumpkin flavored things like coffee (what’s that about anyway?  Coffee is perfect just as is–there is no need for pumpkin, hazelnut, vanilla, peppermint, or any other flavor in coffee!).   Still, is there anything better than a pumpkin decoration to conjure up the feeling of fall?  I think not!

So in the spirit of October and Fall and Pumpkins, I am combining my love of pumpkins and my love of books.  Below are a few photos of some examples of “Literary Pumpkins” I have found.  I’m not sure what I’ll be doing, but these are the start of my cold weather creativity!

cinderella_pumpkin harry_pumpkin nevermore_pumpkin star_wars_pumpkin coraline_pumpkin Frankie_pumpkin Nancy_Pumpkin poe_pumpkin wild_thing_pumpkin pooh_pumpkin


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