Your Vote Counts!


I believe in voting.  I think it is a responsibility and not to be taken lightly.  I have never missed voting–even in those insane small elections that take place in June.  When I get the ballot in the mail I write it on my calendar and I go vote.  I know that voting is often yet another chore in a busy day, but I still think you should make time in your day to do so.  Why?  Because your vote does count.

I know that is an oft-challenged notion these days. The insanity of the 2000 Presidential election, the electoral college, the shenanigans of Congress, and draconian voter ID requirements around the country can make it feel like our vote doesn’t count.  It can feel as if elections are a done deal–hell, Anderson Cooper is already making guesses about who has won what race and the polls haven’t even closed.  Still, your vote does count.

Why do I believe this?  Because why would so many people work so hard at simultaneously telling me to vote, who to vote for, and who to vote against if it did not?  Why would countless hours of media speculation about, and reporting on, elections happen?  Why the pretense?  Why do so many politicians and their handlers want me on their side?  The only logical answer I can find is because my vote does count.  Voting matters.

I have no proof.  I have nothing to say to you that will make you a believer if you are not already.  However, I will say this–if you do not vote, you are assured that your voice does not count.  Think about that.  I’m a cynic.  I mostly don’t trust people in positions of power, especially in government.  Still I don’t care and I vote.  I hope you do as well.

The simple act of saying–I don’t care and then voting–means that indeed your vote will count.  It is the only way for your vote to count.  You can speculate, argue, lament, and decry the lack of significance of your vote–but only you can be sure that will not be heard by not voting.  The only possible way for your vote to count is for you to vote.  So while you might believe it does not count, I advise you to vote anyway–just in case.


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